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Dessert Help Page

How to use the Shelter Meal dessert sign-up form:

You can use this form to sign up to prepare desserts for any upcoming St. Ignatius Shelter Meal. Or, if you’d like to make desserts, but you’re not sure of the dates you’ll be available, you can use this form just to let us know you’re interested; we’ll contact you later to discuss specifics.

Which dates and desserts are available?

The sign-up form will only let you select from available dates and desserts. Any dessert that is already fully assigned to volunteers will be marked as “Full”, and you will not be able to sign up for that dessert.

You can easily sign up for more than one dessert.

This form allows you to sign up for multiple dates and desserts with just a single submission of the form. We’d love to have you sign up for as many desserts as your schedule permits! On the other hand, you don’t need to sign up for all the unassigned desserts. For example, if there are six desserts unassigned, you may sign up for any number from one to six.

Note on quantities:

For larger, multi-serving desserts such as cakes and pies, you can sign up to prepare one or more “desserts”, where one dessert is counted as one full cake or one full pie, etc. For smaller single-serving items, such as cookies, one “dessert” is counted according to a specific quantity noted on the dessert schedule. For example, one dozen cookies will generally count as one “dessert”. This means that you can sign up for one dozen, two dozen, etc., but not for “odd lots” (fractions of a dozen). NOTE: This is only a restriction of the sign-up form. If you need to make special arrangments, we’d be happy to discuss those with you by phone or email.

Having trouble with the sign-up form?

If you are unable to submit this form for any reason (technical or otherwise), simply provide the equivalent information via e-mail or phone to:

John Murphy
415-753-1528 (evenings)