The Mission of St. Ignatius Church

Saint Ignatius Parish is a welcoming and inclusive Catholic community.

 A Jesuit parish, we are called to be companions of Jesus.

 We come together through Word and Sacrament to grow in our relationship with God and to find the inspiration, desire and strength to be men and women for others.

 We seek to find God in all things by deepening our faith, listening with discerning and joyful hearts, and actively serving the poor and suffering, all for the greater glory of God.



A Vision For St. Ignatius Parish in 2014

We see a Catholic community of faith actively living the Gospel as disciples of Christ.

We see a participative laity, fully engaged in the parish — active in parish leadership and willing to generously share their time, talent and treasure.

We see an inclusive community that warmly welcomes all who come to its doors, inviting and encouraging them to live their faith as part of this parish family.

We see a community who draws inspiration, strength and guidance from the parish’s liturgies, worship and faith formation.

We see a community visibly committed to solidarity with the poor, demonstrated through service, advocacy and generous sharing of resources.

We see a parish community that has a strong and symbiotic relationship with the University of San Francisco, sharing resources for the benefit of all.

We see a community that is financially stable and, as good stewards, uses its resources responsibly.

We see a community that is informed and guided by Ignatian principles:

St. Ignatius Church is a parish within the Archdiocese of San Francisco and as such is under the guidance of  the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops webpage.