Liturgical Ministry

Liturgical ministry is suggests a special commitment to sustaining the vibrant core of our Church’s identity. Liturgy derives from the Greek word, “liturgia,” which means work of and for the people. The worship of our Christian community is the most important work that we can do with and for each other and for the world. To facilitate a proper and beautiful celebration of service, there are a number of roles that the laity may undertake. We encourage each community member to consider how he or she may participateto the wondrous prayer life of the Church.

Liturgical Ministry:

Schedules, Sign-Ups, and Roster.  To view the current month’s schedule, find a fellow minister’s phone or e-mail — or sign up, if you are not already a Liturgical Minister, please Click here

Acolytes (Altar Servers)

Acolytes are individuals who serve in the sanctuary. They assist the Mass Celebrant in the celebration of the Eucharist. Some of the duties include carrying the Mass book, helping with the distribution of Communion, carrying candles, and assisting with the preparation of the gifts. Both adults and youth are needed for this ministry. Youth need to be at least ten years old. Commitment is usually once a month. Don Crean regularly trains the new acolytes, and that usually takes place the first Sunday of the month, in the church at 12:15pm. Registration is required.

Theresa Murphy: e-mail or phone (415) 753-1528 (evenings)
or Don Crean at or by phone (415) 422-6796

Eucharistic Ministers

More properly, extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion – Ministers of the Eucharist help with the distribution of the sacred Body and Blood of Christ at Communion time. They arrive at least fifteen minutes before Mass time and usually serve once a month. Eucharistic Ministers need to be Catholics who have already received the sacrament of Confirmation.

Vanita Louie
Ana Gonzalez-Lane


Lectors proclaim the Word at the Sunday liturgies. There are two readings and also petitions at each week-end Mass. The Lector is responsible for at least one of these selections. Lectors are expected to prepare the reading or petitions before Mass. Lectors arrive twenty minutes before Mass and serve once a month.

Note to Lectors:

For the full text of the readings from the Catholic Lectionary, arranged according to the liturgical calendar, visit the web site of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops at the following address: This is a great way to familiarize yourself in advance with the readings for your assigned Mass date. Please be aware, however, that the Mass at which you read may use a different reading from the one listed in the Lectionary. The scheduled readings for St. Ignatius church can be found at:

Readings for the coming Sunday (Weekly Bulletin) Daily readings for the current month

Barbara St. Marie:


Greeters stand at the church doors before and after Mass. Their duty is to greet people who attend Mass and, thereby, help worshippers feel welcome at our parish. Additionally, the greeters are responsible to distribute the service leaflets before Mass and the bulletins at the end of Mass. Other duties include distribution of: special hand-outs at particular Masses such as Christmas; lunch bags for St. Vincent de Paul; and other items as the need arises. Greeters are expected to arrive at least 20 minutes before the scheduled Mass, and generally serve once a month.

Barbara St. Marie


These ministers of hospitality also take up the collection and distribute service leaflets and announcement bulletins. All parishioners are encouraged to volunteer for this ministry, scheduled in advance for service about once per month.

Ray Frost email: or by phone at 415-422-6966

Music Ministries

Singers and instrumentalists assist the congregation in worship by leading the singing during Mass. We have a variety of contemporary and formal music settings. Contacts for each Mass follow:

9:30 Contemporary Ensemble —


Eucharistic Ministry to the Homebound

Children’s Liturgy of the Word