Lenten Season of Service

As we seek concrete ways to demonstrate the Extraordinary Year of Mercy in communion with Pope Francis, St. Ignatius Parish will hold its Day of Service during Lent. The Corporal Works of Mercy—illustrated by the banners hanging in our church—are companion ideals to the Spiritual Works of Mercy, and both are equally important. We’re asking parishioners to start planning and thinking about how you, your family, your friends, and your fellow parishioners can make this event a memorable and wonderful experience.

What Day of Service Events Might Look Like

(typically 2-4 hours):

  • Perform music and sing-a-longs with senior long-term care residents
  • Make decorations for Easter celebrations for shelter children and families
  • Cook and serve brunch at a shelter for homeless families
  • Help teach seniors simple computer skills (email, word processing)
  • Collect and deliver new sets of towels for vulnerable seniors and people in need
  • Gather at Fromm Hall to help stuff “goodie” bags for shelters and residences

What You Can Do Right Now

1. Save the date on your calendar now! Saturday, sometime in March 2017 to be advised – and join in afterwards for a celebratory 5:00 pm Mass followed by a reception in the church vestibule.

2. Check out our Facebook page – we’ll be posting descriptions of the various ministries/services who are eagerly awaiting your participation, such as Adult Day Services, St. Joseph’s Family Center, and Rita da Cascia Community, to name just three.

3. Email us at SIparishservice@gmail.com to let us know:

– if you’d like to be a Day of Service Participant

– if you’d like to volunteer to help the Committee plan various events for the day

– if you have a favorite Service Ministry (eldercare, homeless shelter, child center) that you think might welcome volunteers to help with anything in March.

4. Please fill out the required Online Participation Sign-Up form, typing “St. Ignatius Day of Service” in the “Event Name” field (ignore the “Program Name” field at top). Watch for more information in future bulletins as well as announcements at weekend Masses.

Thank you in advance for your help, and may God bless all our efforts of mercy and compassion!


Diane del Chiaro
Mary Burns

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