Baptism marks the entrance into the Church. Through Baptism, a person is freed from original sin: the old self dies, and the person is reborn in Christ. The Gospel itself makes mention of Baptism for the forgiveness of sins, and the apostle St. Paul developed the theology of Baptism. In order to receive all the other sacraments, one must first be baptized.

Though some people get baptized as adults, most Catholics receive Baptism as young children. That is referred to as “infant baptism.” The parents’ decision to have their child baptized by a priest or a deacon of their parish is an act of true love toward their child. Baptism allows the child to be welcomed in the Church at an early age, and to grow in the love and grace of God in a very special way. In the Gospels, Jesus says that to love God one must love like children do. Baptism, hence, is a gift from the parents who wish for their child to grow in the knowledge of God and as part of the Christian community, and for their child to have the support of godparents as guides in the faith.

Parents who are registered, active parishioners, should contact Sr. Theresa Moser at least one month prior to a desired time, to arrange for a baptismal date and class.  Email or phone (415) 422-6520.

For adult baptism, please refer to the Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) page, under the “Faith Formation” menu on the home page.

For the current class schedule, please see our Baptism Schedule 2016 .