The Rite of the Roman Catholic Church is used at St. Ignatius Church. According to Catholic theology, the bride and groom administer to each other the Sacrament of Matrimony. The priest or deacon is the witness of the Church to this sacramental action. Christian marriage is a sacrament when a baptized man and a baptized woman join together in a community of love with the possibility of becoming a family. In the love which binds two into one, the Christian Community finds an expression of the great love God has for us, a love which binds us to God and to each other as well. The couple confer the Sacrament of Matrimony on each other. In doing so, the two become a source of grace, one for the other. The living out of their commitment to each other for the whole of their lives is a source of renewed grace each day for them and a reminder to all of us of God’s presence and love.

This page is geared to those of you who are preparing for marriage. You have the opportunity to take an active part in planning as well as in the celebration of the wedding liturgy. We encourage you to read this together, to note any questions you may have, so that when you meet with the priest or deacon who will officiate at the wedding and with the Wedding Coordinator, your dialogue may be fruitful. Here you will find information on our parish wedding procedures, as well as help in planning your liturgy and music. The guidelines presented here have been prepared with an eye toward making your wedding day both beautiful and memorable.

It is our hope that this web site will answer most of the questions you might have about your wedding ceremony. Your first contact will need to be Sr. Theresa Moser, Office Administrator. For an introduction to our beautiful space with images from past weddings, please see our Wedding Video.

Who May Be Married at St. Ignatius Church?

To schedule a wedding at St. Ignatius Church, the bride or groom must

  • be a registered, active parishioner of St. Ignatius Church for a period of six months prior to requesting a date
  • or be an alumnus/alumna of the University of San Francisco
  • or have a Jesuit priest who has agreed to perform the ceremony.

Who May Officiate?

The parish priests of St. Ignatius and other Catholic clergy may officiate at the marriage of those who celebrate their liturgy here. The priest/deacon who officiates is responsible for preparing the couple for marriage. This includes selecting a Preparation Program, completing the paperwork and planning the liturgy. Marriage preparation begins six months before the wedding date (as described in Six Months Preparation).

Getting Started

The first thing you’ll want to do before planning your ceremony is to schedule the date and time of your wedding with our parish Coordinator, Sr. Theresa Moser, at (415) 422-6520.  To facilitate that conversation, please download and fill out the Wedding Planning Seminar Booklet.

Parish Wedding Procedures

We have prepared a booklet called “Your Wedding at Saint Ignatius Church” in which you will find all of our wedding policies, procedures and guidelines. Click here for an online version: Wedding Booklet. You’ll want to be sure to read this booklet very thoroughly. It contains general information on the wedding day schedule, church facilities, parking, the wedding rehearsal, the wedding liturgy, wedding programs, and introductions to the various staff members who will be working with you along the way. Also included are our parish policies and procedures with regard to music, photography and videotaping, flowers and decorations, safety issues, wedding fees and necessary documentation. Church and civil requirements are outlined as well.  Some of those items are viewable here: Necessary Documents and Candles & Flowers and Advisos.

Reserving St. Ignatius Church Please contact Sr. Theresa Moser 415-422-6520 to arrange your wedding date. The fee for the use of the church is $2,300.00 with a NON-refundable deposit of $1,200.00, required within fourteen (14) days of booking your wedding to secure your chosen date.
Dates & Times - Wedding ceremonies may be scheduled for Friday evenings at 4:30, 5:00, 5:30 or 6:00 PM; or Saturdays at 11:30 AM, 2:30, or 6:30 PM. One wedding in the morning, one wedding in the afternoon and one wedding in the evening are all that our schedule permits.
Rehearsals - Rehearsals may be held on weekdays between 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM. The dates are arranged through Sr. Theresa Moser at (415) 422-6520. Saint Ignatius Church is reserved for a period of one hour for your rehearsal. Punctuality is imperative. Rehearsals will not be extended beyond the scheduled time. There are various events scheduled daily, so adherence to the agreed-upon time is imperative.
Special Note Regarding Promptness - In order for the Wedding liturgy to begin promptly, the couple should arrive in plenty of time before the ceremony: 30 minutes for the groom and ushers, and 30 minutes for the bride and her attendants. The weddings at St. Ignatius Church must remain within allotted time limits. Thus, couples should realize that a late start of the liturgy may require shortening or even elimination of certain parts of the ceremony. The priest will make this determination. The photographic session may also need to be curtailed.

Planning Your Wedding Liturgy

There are two types of wedding liturgies: 1) the Eucharistic Liturgy (during the Mass), and 2) Marriage Outside Mass. Those of another faith are welcome to invite their clergy to participate in the liturgy.

In planning their wedding, the couple have the opportunity to select those prayers, scripture readings, blessings and cultural practices which best express their desire for God in their lives and the support of the community. To aid in this planning, we use the booklet, Together For Life, by Joseph M. Champlin ( Ave Maria Press: Notre Dame Press, Indiana). The Wedding Coordinator will make it available to you. Additional copies are available at our Book Nook in the church.

The kind of wedding ceremony you would like is probably already in your mind and you have a lot of ideas. One of the first things to consider is whether you will have a full Mass or a simpler nuptial ceremony. Your priest will help you determine which option is best for your circumstance, and he will also assist you in planning many of the other details for your ceremony. To assist you further, you will be assigned one of our church Wedding Coordinators. To find out who has been assigned for your wedding, please consult Sr. Theresa Moser at (415) 422-6520. You will find it helpful to consult our Wedding Planning Checklist.

As the date for your wedding approaches, a church coordinator will contact you, and a meeting will be arranged to review the logistics for your ceremony. The web links here provide forms for your photographer and videographer: Rules for Photographing Weddings and Rules for Videographing Weddings. Please print, read, and review the regulations, and both of you should sign the forms. Then pass them on to the photographer and videographer for their review and signature. The forms should be returned to your coordinator when you meet with him or her. For 2:30 weddings, the wedding party and photographers must vacate the church by 4:00 PM at the latest. No pictures, etc. will be allowed after 4:00 PM.